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Say Hello to Steve

A guest post from Instagrammer georgiamaybakes this week on her sourdough starter.

I am delighted to introduce you all to Steve, my first ever sourdough starter! Well, my first ever surviving sourdough starter 🙈

After a tragic attempt about five years ago (it didn’t bubble and grew green fuzzy stuff 🙈), I was too nervous give it another go despite always really wanting to. Fortunately for me, the lovely @rebeccabakes told me about the starter that she bought from @beanandgrainuk, safe to say that 15 minutes and about £13 later, my order was confirmed.

I have been impressed with @beanandgrainuk ever since. Steve arrived 4 days later and I can confirm he is alive, hungry and well - which is impressive considering he spent a weekend in the British postal system!

I would really recommend buying a pre-made starter to anyone who has always wanted to try making sourdough bread but hasn’t had the confidence to make their own starter, the starter kit from @beanandgrainuk included the starter, some extra flour, a jar and the all important instructions.

My only criticism is that the jar that comes with the starter is a little small, but larger ones are really easy to come across so it’s not a big problem. :-) Let the sourdough journey commence! #baking #homemade #sourdough #sourdoughstarter #homebaker



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