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Fresh Flour

Note: There are weight or bag limits on flour; please check each product before ordering. 

Flour from Fresh Flour is made from 100% naturally grown non-synthetic, South Devon grown population wheat. It’s also as fresh as it gets: stone ground and bagged and delivered that day. 

YQ flour is a low gluten flour suitable for both cakes and bread.

What are we trying to achieve?

  1. Grow interesting (heritage or population) grain at an appropriate scale that isn't overbred.
  2. Grow grain in the presence of sunshine NOT, as is the norm, in the presence of oil. (Natural, non-synthetic. There is NO second way)
  3. Pay farmers a sustainable wage to do the job they love.
  4. Pass on to the consumer the whole goodness that the grain holds. (Fresh Flour).

WHAT is so good about our fresh flour?

Our flour is made from 100% naturally grown non-synthetic grain. It’s also as fresh as it gets: stone ground and bagged and sent for delivery within 12 hours.

We call it ‘alive’ as it is so fresh and full of beneficial probiotic flora. There are many nutritional benefits to it being fresh; after all, grain is "alive" and will, like any fresh food, deteriorate over time. The fresher, the better we say.

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