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How We Work

Our goal is to supply responsibly (and, where possible, locally) sourced produce allowing consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by supporting vendors who operate sustainably.

It's about getting you to stop and think for a moment:

  • What produce do you regularly buy?
  • Where has the producer sourced that produce from? 
  • How does all that impact upon food miles?

We're not advocating 'local only' but love it when producers, wherever they are, have a strong environmental message. Local, however the customer defines it, can help them lower their carbon footprint by buying produce closer to them.

We facilitate this by offering online shopping by county as well as by product or producer. Your product may get shipped across the country but at least you are supporting local business. It's a start.


  • Committed to sustainability. We are looking for responsible suppliers with a published or stated sustainability policy.
  • Delivery or Pick up. We deliver orders ourselves in our area, by post or courier further afield or customers can 'click & collect' from us. 
  • No hidden fees. We won't charge setup or co-marketing fees, we will only take a cut of sales. 

We hold relatively small amounts of stock from each vendor to minimise wastage due to best before dates.


  • It starts with us. That's you and I; we are what we eat.
  • Control your food miles. We'll offer you quality artisan produce direct from the Vendor to allow you to manage your food miles and thereby reduce your carbon footprint.
  • UK-centric. All this while supporting local producers and predominantly UK businesses.

 Our aim is not to carry thousands of stock items from hundreds of vendors so we can be flexible with the way we work with vendors, so treat this page as a starting point, contact us if you want to work with us.

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