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Carosesa (plant based) Chocolate Bars


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A delicious, unique, purely plant-based chocolate bar using premium ingredients. Perfect to indulge in yourself or give to a loved one; it makes a rather tasty Christmas stocking filler too! The Carosesa chocolate bars are unique, artisan and actually good for you; full of nutrients. They are also gluten-free and, above all, luxuriously scrumptious.

Available in plain, citrus and ginger flavours.

110 g bar.


Plain: 70% Dark Chocolate, Carosesa (carob molasses & tahini), Dates, Walnuts.

Citrus: 70% Dark Chocolate, Carosesa (carob molasses & tahini), Dates, Candied Lemon & Orange Peel (lemon peel & orange peel, sugar)

Ginger: 70% Dark Chocolate, Carosesa (carob molasses & tahini), Dates, Candied Ginger (ginger, sugar)

Allergens: All Vegan & Gluten-free; the original contains nuts, citrus and ginger are nut-free.

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