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Kianderi AA | Kenya

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Whole Bean

SCA Cup Score 88

Kenya produces some of the best and highest scoring coffees in the world and is known for having fantastic fertile, volcanic soil, a unique and distinctive varietal and excellent harvesting and processing methods.

Most of the best coffee produced in Kenya is processed using a fairly complex version of the washed method. The coffee cherry is delivered for processing and pulped using machines that will separate the coffee into more than one grade using water to determine density. After pulping, the coffee is fermented dry in tanks for anything from twelve to seventy-two hours depending on the preference of the washing station. After fermentation, the mucilage will have broken down, meaning it can be washed off easily. This is typically done using grading channels. After grading, the coffee is usually soaked a second time for around twelve hours, and then moved to raised drying tables. The coffee is then dried until the moisture content reaches 12%.

Once the drying process is finished, the coffee is transferred to a storage area and allowed to rest for a few weeks before being moved to a dry mill for processing. Kenyan dry mills split coffees into bean sizes using a large sorting machine. The AA is one of the largest bean sizes and we have selected two fantastic AA lots from the most recent harvest. It's a fantastic coffee with juicy fruit notes that include blackcurrant, brown sugar and rhubarb.

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