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Mauripan Red Instant Yeast

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Product image 1Mauripan Red Instant Yeast
Product image 2Mauripan Red Instant Yeast

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Note: Please limit your purchase to one of the 500 g product to ensure we can keep stock for everyone.

Instant, dried bakers yeast for use in regular bread and high sugar dough up to 10% sugar. 

Suitable for processes with limited sugar content, up to a maximum of 10%, it is ideal for all products in unenriched dough that demand a great fermentative power. Usage: 1 - 2% of the amount of flour used.

At least six months of shelf life when it is delivered to you. However, once opened it will lose activity quickly and we recommend you store any unused yeast in an airtight container in the freezer to maximise active life.

We are offering 14 g Bean & Grain packaged airtight pots of this yeast whilst dried yeast is difficult to come by in retail stores.

500 g, 14 g.

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