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Sourdough Starter Kit

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Product image 1Sourdough Starter Kit
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Making bread at home is a very rewarding pastime, and you'll soon want to move onto traditional sourdough recipes using home cultured yeast rather than the commercial dried powder types.

One of the frustrating things when starting out is getting a sourdough starter going; it's hit and miss and takes a while.

Our sourdough starter kits will take some of the frustration away for you, as long as you successfully refresh the starter we send you! You will need to be able to keep it at around 25-29c to be active.

Testimonial: The starter has been superb. We have two others on the go (slightly different flour mixes) and it has competed well for taste, texture and importantly crust. Thank you, Ian.

The starter is an offshoot from our own, fed then potted just as it stops rising and then frozen. When you receive it, it will need refreshing, or feeding as we say. Full instructions are included in the pack and can be found here on our web site.

We have a list of frequently asked questions and answers here.

There are four kits on offer. Contents as follows:

    • Starter Kit with 1 Jar + Flour: One pot of 20ml sourdough culture, one small clip top jar, 200g bread flour, printed instructions

    • Starter Kit with 2 Jars + Flour: Two pots of 20ml sourdough culture, two small clip top jars, 2 x 200 g bread flour, printed instructions.

    • Starter Kit with 1 Jar + Flour, a banneton*, scrapers and lame: One pot of 20ml sourdough culture, one small clip top jar, 200g bread flour, printed instructions, 1kg banneton(proving basket), bench scrapers/dough cutters and a lame(dough slasher).

    • Starter Kit with 1 Jar + Flour, one large and two small bannetons*, scrapers, lame and a book on sourdough: One pot of 20ml sourdough culture, one small clip top jar, 200g bread flour, printed instructions, 1kg and 2 x 500g bannetons(proving basket), bench scrapers/dough cutters, a lame(dough slasher) and Do Sourdough by Andrew Whitley (co-founder of the Real Bread Campaign.

If you prefer the sourdough starter only, we supply this via first class post from this page.

Bannetons, banneton liners, scrapers and lames are available separately in our online shop here, along with large clip top jars, great for your working starter offshoot when baking. Simply add them to your order for a kit, and we'll bundle them up together.

Ingredients, Allergies
Sourdough starter: Bread flour (contains wheat), naturally occurring yeast culture, water.

*Basket and scrapers designed in Germany, manufactured in Germany and China. We usually ship round bannetons but if out of stock will ship rectangular.

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