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YQ Organic Multipurpose Whole Grain Flour

Fresh Flour

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Note: Maximum 10 kg of flour (across all types) per customer per week, please, so we can keep stock for everyone. 

This harvest was grown by Andrew Gilhespy and Lyn and Jon Perkins on the Dartington Estate using organic methods.

It's a population grain developed by the late Martin Wolf at the Organic research centre. This population is part of a reaction to the way our wheat seed and farming have developed over the last 70 years.  “In 2000, Wolfe created a very special crop. With the help of plant breeders and the scientists from the Organic Research Centre, Wolfe took 20 varieties of wheat that had been doing well under low-input conditions in the UK, half chosen for their quality – their high protein and gluten contents – half for their high yield, and cross-bred them every which way, resulting in 190 new crosses.

Normally, a breeder would look at these plants and select for the traits they want. But this time, seeds from all 190 were thrown together in a field, grown, harvested and reseeded together for several years. Wolfe called it YQ, for “yield” and “quality”.”

Article in The Guardian

8% protein.

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